California Red worms 

Worms born and developed in our wild natural nurseries. 

Selected earthworms wrapped in pure humus of wild habitat...



-Animal feeding 

-Sport fishing

Price California Red Worms

100 units 

California Red Worms 


200 units

California Red Worms 


300 units

California Red Worms 


500 units

California Red Worms 


1000 units

California Red Worms 


Himalayan Violet worms 

Indicated for sport fishing of river or dam, also used for feeding birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, and also for vermicomposting.

Derived from their violet color they are a bait of excellence for any type of fish.

Units wrapped in 100% natural substrate.

Price Himalayan Violet worms 

25 units

Himalayan Violet worms


50 units

Himalayan Violet worms


100 units

Himalayan Violet worms




+ 5 liters of inoculum (eggs + worms) 

Vermicompostor with 3 elements, with adequate hole for breathing and passage of earthworms between elements, with tap for liquid extraction (slurry).

This system includes 5 liters of inoculum, which involves hundreds of eggs ready to hatch and worms already born, young and adult.

Each element has a capacity of 14 liters, and the dimensions of each element are as follows:

Length = 350mm 

Width = 250mm 

Height = 250mm 

Vermicompostor XXL

(3 x 26 liters) + worms

Vermicompostor with 3 elements (26 liters each element), with adequate drilling for breathing and passage of worms between elements, with built-in tap for liquid extraction (slurry).

Plastic boxes made in Portugal, with 100% recyclable ecological materials. Each box has a capacity of 26 liters (more elements can be added). 

This system does not attract unwanted insects, and does not cause unpleasant odors, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor placement, provided it is kept in the shade.

INCLUDED: (5 liters of inoculum) RED CALIFORNIA (Eisenia Foetida) earthworm eggs, and many hundreds of young and newborn earthworms.

Vermicompostor 4 elements

 + worms and eggs

Vermicompostor with 4 elements, with adequate drilling for breathing and passage of worms between elements, with built-in tap for liquid extraction (slurry).

Plastic boxes made in Portugal with environmentally friendly materials. Each box has a capacity of 14 liters (4x14 liters). Suitable for home composting. Interior Exterior. 


Price Vermicompostors

Vermicompostor + 5 liters of inoculum (eggs + worms)

3 x 14 liters


Vermicompostor XXL + worms

3 x 26 liters


Vermicompostor 4 elements + worms and eggs

4 x 14 liters


100% pure earthworm humus

100 % Pure Earthworm Húmus

Know the natural taste of food. 

Humus is the product of the ingested substrate transformed by the worm gut, and enriched with living things, organic matter, and total nutrients, and easily assimilated and absorbed by plant roots. 

The humus is used to: 

- Floriculture and landscaping; 

- Nurseries of seedlings and greenhouses; 

- Horticulture and hydroagriculture;

- Greenhouse crops; 

- Agriculture in general; 

- Fruit and orchards; Vases in general. 

Humus, unlike organic fertilizers, can be used in direct contact with seeds and roots, in pits or planting lines, as it has neutral ph, not burning them. Compared to animal manure, humus contains 10 times more nutrients. Its gradual release makes it a constant source of nourishment from the roots. It also increases the resistance of plants to disease and drought, prolonging the flowering and fruiting periods, making the crops healthier and more lush. In addition to that it is more economical than other chemical fertilizers because it is not dispersed and carried by the rains. Can be used in natural, 10% liquid and solid (hardened "egg" shape for potted indoor plants. 

Product Description: 100% Húmus 

Features: Free of chemical additives.


-Total nitrogen (N) 1.25% 

-Organic nitrogen 0.86% Total phosphorus (P205) 1.10% 

-Potassium (K20) 1.05% 

-Magnesium (MgO) 0.55% 

-Organic matter 32% 

-Dry matter 45% 

-PH 7.0 

-Total humic acids 5.5% 

-Calcium 2.50% 

-C / N 15 Iron (Fe) 250mg / kg

-Manganese (Mn) 35mg / kg 

-Boro (Bo) 20mg / kg 

-Zinc (Zn) 15mg / kg 

-Copper (Cu) 15mg / kg 

Due to our customers' analysis of our húmus, we can now say that we have the best and purest húmus on the market, a pride for us and our customers. 

We offer the value of analysis to our húmus

Price 100 % Pure Earthworm Húmus

  1 Liter Húmus 


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