1 liter - 100% Natural Earthworm Humus

Our "O Minhocário" natural humus has an extremely high content of organic compounds and offers your plants an abundance of trace elements, enzymes and minerals. 

This Humus provides plants with an ideal proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in quantities that allow them to grow faster. 

The "O Minhocário" earthworm humus also contains fungi and bacteria that promote an ideal microfauna to the soil. 

Your plants will literally feel at home. 

Using earthworm humus has many advantages, it promotes faster and more effective germination of seeds, as well as powerful root development, greater absorption of nutrients by the plant and, in the end, greater yield, better quality. 

It also promotes the general resistance of the plant to attack by pathogenic organisms. 

Worm humus can be used at all times, it does not cause burns due to excessive fertilization, even with the most delicate plants. 

Our Humus is not only highly fertile and natural, it is also economical and extremely friendly to our health and the environment. 

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1.50 €