Vermicompostor XXL ( 3x26 liters )

Take advantage of the daily organic remains, placing them in this Minhocário, our worms transform these remains into the best natural fertilizer available for any type of plants (Humus). 

Earthworm with 3 elements (26 liters each element), with a suitable hole for breathing and passage of earthworms between elements, with a built-in tap for the extraction of liquids (manure).

Plastic boxes made in Portugal, with ecological materials 100% recyclable. 

Each box has a capacity of 26 liters (it will be possible to add more elements). 

This system does not attract undesirable insects, and does not cause unpleasant odors, it is indicated for placement inside or outside, as long as it is kept in the shade. 

Shipping costs already added to your purchase. 

93.50 €